随着大流行后工作环境的不断变化, 越来越多的公司正在向混合型或远程员工过渡. And for many organizations, there have been several great benefits that have come with this shift.

Employees who have experienced remote or hybrid work arrangements report increased productivity and improved work-life balance. 此外, business leaders have recognized the cost savings and competitive advantages of maintaining hybrid and remote workforces.

然而,管理混合型或远程员工并非没有复杂性. Balancing the needs and expectations of remote versus in-office employees presents unique challenges that managers need to be equipped to handle.



While the benefits of maintaining a hybrid or fully remote workforce are numerous, 从提高生产力到改善工作与生活的平衡, 管理者经常会遇到独特的障碍. 以下是管理者在工作中面临的一些最常见的挑战 管理远程员工:


在远程工作环境中,沟通成为一项重大挑战. Without the spontaneous interactions that occur naturally in an office setting, 传达想法可能会更加困难, 提供反馈, 并发布指令. 经理们可能也会发现很难判断书面沟通的语气, 导致潜在的误解. 缺乏非语言暗示, 比如肢体语言和面部表情, 也会导致误解吗.


建立信任和凝聚力 becomes more challenging 当 团队 members are scattered across different locations. 如果没有休闲的机会,建立友情是很困难的, 面对面的交流,比如饮水机聊天或团队午餐. This can affect the 团队’s ability to work effectively and potentially impact morale.


在管理远程团队时,时区可能会构成一个重大障碍. 如果团队成员分布在不同的时区, coordinating meetings or collaborative work sessions can become a logistical nightmare. 它还会导致沟通的延迟, 哪些会减慢项目进度并扰乱工作流程.


Keeping track of each 团队 member's productivity can be daunting without the ability to physically oversee work. It's not always easy to determine whether tasks are being completed efficiently and on time. This lack of visibility can lead to uncertainty about the 团队's overall performance and productivity.


As the lines blur between personal and professional life in a remote work setup, ensuring that 团队 members maintain a healthy work-life balance becomes a significant challenge. 员工面临着过度工作或努力摆脱工作的风险, 哪些会导致倦怠.


Bringing new hires up to speed remotely can be more complex than in a traditional office setting. Ensuring that they fully understand their roles and responsibilities without the benefit of in-person explanations and demonstrations can be difficult. This can potentially lead to longer onboarding times and a steep learning curve for new 团队 members.



尽管面临挑战,但管理者可以做到 有效地领导混合型或完全远程的团队走向成功 使用正确的策略和工具. Here are some steps they can take to ensure their 团队's productivity and morale stay high:


在一些专业环境中, 坚持传统的朝九晚五的时间表仍然是可行的, even for remote or hybrid 团队s – the only difference is that the check-in is digital. For those workplaces that offer flexible schedules and focus on task completion rather than hours worked, 可以通过每天的接触点建立一个结构.

有许多方法可以处理这些日常接触点, from individual calls to 团队 meetings or group discussions on communication platforms. The best choice will depend on the nature of the work - whether it's collaborative or independent - but the key is that these touchpoints are consistent, 计划, 并遵循已知的格式. 

在这些会议期间, 你和你的团队成员可以讨论工作进度, 解决问题, 回答问题.


远程工作可以是有效的和以结果为导向的, 但是管理者必须对响应时间设定预期, 在线状态, 和可访问性. 例如, you might mandate videoconferencing for daily touchpoints but prefer instant messaging on Slack for immediate or confidential communications.

You and your 团队 members should clearly understand the most effective communication channels and the best times to engage during the workday, 特别是在异步工作环境中. 例如, you might be available for Zoom meetings or phone calls later in the day but prefer early morning texts for urgent matters.

Monitoring and supervising inter-团队 communication is crucial to ensure everyone has the necessary information. 在虚拟团队中可能会出现沟通不畅的情况, 但作为管理者,你可以帮助防止沟通失误.


尽管某些工作场所对所有员工实行固定的工作时间, 如果可行的, 提供灵活性, 当, 员工在哪里工作可以带来很多好处. 远程工作模式, 特别是, 往往会提高工作满意度, 提高了生产率, and an improved work-life balance as employees gain greater autonomy over their schedules.

例如, one employee might be more productive early in the morning before their children wake up, 而另一些人可能更喜欢在晚上工作. Offering this flexibility allows your employees to manage their time and motivation in a way that suits them best.


A potential downside of remote work is that employees might feel socially isolated due to the lack of in-person interaction. Managers can mitigate this by creating opportunities for employees to socialize while working remotely.

This could mean allocating time for informal conversations unrelated to work at the beginning of 团队 meetings or organizing virtual social events with care packages sent to each participant.

在虚拟环境中促进社交活动似乎很不寻常, 但事实证明,它在音乐会和娱乐等其他领域也很有效. Managers who encourage these types of interactions often see reduced feelings of isolation and increased collaboration among their remote 团队s.


突然过渡到远程工作可能会增加压力, 担忧, 焦虑, 或者员工之间的不安全感, 即使是那些习惯于远程工作的人. 对于管理者来说,倾听、参与和同情员工是至关重要的.

This becomes particularly important during periods of rapid change or crisis within the 公司. Studies on emotional intelligence show that employees often look to their managers for cues in responding to workplace situations. 如果经理看起来很紧张或不确定,员工也可能会这样.

Effective managers should proactively check their 团队's emotional well-being and listen to their 担忧 and fears. 在这些讨论中, it's important to provide reassurance and express appreciation to reinforce the sense of belonging within the 团队.



Managing remote work 团队s might require different strategies from traditional office setups, 但这并不难. 有了正确的方法和工具,所有的团队成员都能从中受益.

通过建立指导方针和期望, 为员工的投入提供灵活性, 尽量减少孤立感, 加强团队成员之间的沟通, 管理人员可以 培养信任和合作的文化,帮助组织实现其目标.